Religious Education classes for grades 4K through 6 will begin on September 14th. We will begin the evening with Mass at 6:30 PM followed by an open house and refreshments. Second Grade students and parents are asked to remain in the church following Mass for a brief meeting regarding the Sacraments the students will be receiving this year.


Please register your 4K/5K child, or new student, on the online form below. For more information, please contact Barb Kohout at 732-5686 or fill out this form:

Queen of All Saints Religious Education Teaching Staff for 2016-2017

  • Barb Kohout, Religious Education Director

  • Lindsay Jackson, 4K/5K

  • Amy Wells Scanlan, First Grade

  • Kathy Kenney, Second Grade

  • Katelyn Stoeffler, Third Grade

  • Helen Klaas, Fourth Grade

  • Phyllis Doan, Fifth Grade

  • Carol Rogers, Sixth Grade

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