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My Own Church - Access to Family Information


Queen of All Saints Parish has contracted with the leading software company providing services to Catholic parishes all over the U.S. to provide a web-based application called My Own Church which will allow registered families to securely update information concerning their family.

Advantages to the Member


With My Own Church, you are in control of your family or individual family member information. You can add a new family member, upload a family photo, and more. Your own giving history is visible to you, as well as your family's Religious Education history. You can also register your children for Religious Education.


Also, as a member of the parish and registered user, you will be able to access an online parish directory. This will grow more useful over time as more and more families and individuals become users.


My Own Church uses ParishSOFT’s ConnectNow technology, so you can log in from a smartphone or any device with an Internet connection.

To request a username and password please click here. After your information has been linked up with the parish database you will be contacted.


Advantages for Church Staff


For our staff, this self-service system relieves administrative data entry and increases the accuracy of census data by letting members manage their own records. And because My Own Church uses ParishSOFT’s ConnectNow technology, those records are always available from any computer with an Internet connection so staff and volunteers gain the freedom to work remotely while managing the parish information.


Logging on to the System


To get to the site you will need to click the Login button below. Your first visit will require you to register for the online service with an existing email address. If you try to register and the system will not allow you to do so because of our not having a current email address for you, please contact the parish office. We will enter your email address into the system and will email you when we have the system updated allowing you to register.

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